Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moving dirt and loving it

Throwing some rock down and tearing it up - Day 1

Day 2 - Flattened out, shaping the back yard and minus a lot of dirt

Day 2 - Finishing up and ready for the next phase
As you can see, our excavator Paul Tapani has spent the last couple of days shaping our lot to what eventually will be our house.  In the last week, we've picked up permits, set up temporary power, getting ready for setting the water meter, and getting ready for temp water.  All of these things have been relatively easy to do, even for a person like me who is what you would call the exact opposite of handy.  These days with a cell phone, and the guidance of the Adair team, you can get a lot done while not having to extend considerable energy.  I'm anxious and hopeful this continues, but confident that the Adair standard of customer service will help along the way.

We're ready to meet Jeff from the Adair Woodland office out on site this week to finalize having the lot ready to begin actual construction. 

In the mean time, we're finalizing our choices for the house and making sure we think of every last detail.  To date we've only seen what this house will look like on paper, so we are very excited to start seeing it as this progresses.

We've heard that the school district wants proof we are actually planning on building at this address, so I thought about asking Paul to dump some of the loads of dirt in their parking lot!  Fortunately, my wife has a good head on her shoulders and suggested we just provide some paper proof.  Not as fun as the dirt idea, but I guess it's better in the long run.

We'll make sure we take some pictures of the interior choices and any future progress.  Many Adair customers have commented how much they enjoyed being involved a bit in the process, I'm starting to see why.......my appreciation for this house (and it's not even started) is growing each day.

Have a great night.........Matt

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just Getting Started

Our Lot Looking Southwest

Our Lot Looking Northwest

This is our lot.  We bought our lot in a quiet neighborhood in Camas, WA.

This is our floor plan

This is our story.  For a long time, we have wanted to move from the house we used to live in and find a house that was more suitable for the entire family.  You see, I bought that house before I was married, so my wife had to put up with many "guy choices" that we're not necessarily aesthetically pleasing (you know how many of us guys have no sense of design or color choices!).  We kept our eyes open for a different house.......but as we looked, and looked, it became clear that to get "our house", we were going to have to find someone to build it.

As luck would have it, I work for Adair Homes, so finding a builder was easy.  So I'm an employee, but also a customer.  Actually as I think about it, in almost every office we have, there is at least one employee who has had Adair build them a home, and in a few instances, there are employees who have built several homes.  That's one of the things I like about this company, not only do we believe in our product, but we live in our product.  It also means, that we have a growing number of employees that can in fact, see our process, product, and Company through the customers eyes.  (OK, I know, enough, get on with it.)

We have now bought a lot, picked a floor plan, worked through financing, and we're going through the final selections of what will go into the house.  The permits should be picked up next week and with any luck, we'll be able to start pushing dirt next week too!  This is exciting, because we are presently living in an apartment.  There's nothing wrong with living in an apartment, but when you're only going to do it part time, your belongings are in storage, and the people above you have 4 children, well, it can make the thought of getting into a house pretty appealing at times!

The process to this point has been pretty enjoyable.  Sure, moving is not all the fun, but regardless of where you are moving or why, that pretty much remains a constant;  moving just isn't fun.  I think because moving is so anti-fun, it makes the next place you end up seem just that much more enjoyable. 

Eric from the Adair Woodland office met us for our site visit to confirm that the house plan would work for the site.  In addition, we went over options of how the house could sit, what could be done for the landscaping, driveway, sewer/septic and all the other site related information.  Eric and the Woodland team has been great walking us through the build, helping with selections, and also helping us line up permits and options for outside contractors.  Then I met the excavator, Paul, and he was great.  Even though there is a big mound of dirt sitting on the lot, he was able to paint a pretty good picture of the options for lot preparation and layout.  When we first bought the lot, we knew there was extra dirt, but we've been told by multiple sources now that it's 20 truck loads of extra dirt, which obviously has an effect on the budget.  Word to the wise, take these things into account when looking for a piece of property!

Not much else to report, but I'll be sure to document this build and the process for anyone who has an interest.  Until next time, good night.