Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A solid foundation

Ready to pour
"You've got mail"
A little fuzzy, but the highlight of the weekend, choices made!

Other interior Options

Keeping a close eye on the progress

As you can see, the project is taking shape.  We've made our selections for the interior of the house, they have set the forms and are pouring the foundation.  Lot's of work to do moving forward, but suffice it to say, we are thrilled to be at the stage we are at.

Of course, I would be remiss without mentioning how we have gotten to this point, because at Adair, it's a team effort.  First, Eric from the Woodland office not only set us up to succeed, but has continued a hands on approach getting us to this point.  Though permits are something usually dealt with by the owner, the Woodland team, especially Eric and Lynda, ensured that all the information was put together, contacted the city, and made sure we were able to get our permits in before the increased permit fees hit!  That's why I enjoy working for this Company so much, because the people truly care about their customers.

Our sales person, Lynette, has been so patient with us throughout the whole process of putting this project together.  She has been a great resource for my wife, as I am not much help in the color or design department.  The rest of the sales team has been there with a helping hand when we needed it, especially Chad who has been there to help even though we're not "his" sale.  It's refreshing to work with a group who care as much these people do.

Of course Jeff is responsible for moving this project forward and getting the home built.  So far he has shown patience and guidance while helping a customer such as myself, who needs lots of help.  Wow, that's a lot of people, but wait, there's more.  At the Adair corporate office people like Steve, Chris, Nikki and especially Dale have put in time making our dream of a new house become reality.  The cooperation and coordination of a team of people goes into each home Adair builds........seeing it first hand has been a treat.  Kraig and Christine from CC2D (cabinet shop) have been instrumental ensuring the cabinets and built in will match the home, just another benefit of having a tight nit group of companies working toward a single goal, building custom quality homes at extremely affordable prices.

As we move on from here, I'm certain there will be more people involved and more time to thank them as well.  As an insider, it's been fun to watch all of these people work in concert, each in their respective positions, with a single goal in mind.  When I think about it, it's even more fun to know that we do this every day, for hundreds of people each year.

To watch a mound of weeds turn to a finished site and now a foundation has been exciting and so much more fun than when I bought my first house which was pretty much complete.  I'm sure the neighbors are as excited to have the weed pile gone as we are to see this taking shape!

No major hang ups to report and weather permitting (the weather has just been weird this year), we look forward to showing some walls in the near future.

Have a great night...........Matt

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