Saturday, October 16, 2010

A lot to catch up on #1

Foundation looking East

Rock wall for back yard and patio separation

So it has taken a while to get this updated, for this I apologize.  First, we've gone from ready site, to cement pour, to foundation, to septic, raindrains, backfill and on to framing.......more on this later.

First, as you can see, Adair got the foundation in and our excavator came back to complete backfill and the septic.  A majority of the "Owner To Do" items fall into the work preparing the site and right after foundation, so there's much to talk about.

What I didn't mention in earlier posts is the importance to know what is going on at your site during each step of the process and also with the entire project in mind.  It's not hard, especially with the guidance of Adair, but it is very helpful to be organized and planning out the build.  I had a huge learning curve when it came to utilities, connections, etc., but with the right is not all that hard.  With the guidance of Adair and a few phone calls, the utilities came in as planned, the site was prepard, and the excavator knew exactly what to do to get the house ready for framing.  My glitch came in because I forgot to have the gas connections put in at the same time as the ditch was open, but fortunately the gas company moved quick and it did not slow anything up.

What can I tell future Adair customers or those preparing for the process?  Getting details right on the site is extremely important.  Again, if you plan it out, and with the help of Adair construction superintendents, you will, it's coordination but it's not that tough.  You do need to pay attention and follow Adair's instruction by asking all the right questions from jurisdictions, to ensure things go smoothly, but if you do, it won't be overwhelming (and in fact, you might just like it, but that's for another post).  Things to think about and plan for:
  If you're putting in gas, remember to have the gas company set the meter and line while you have a utility ditch open.
  Make sure Adair is aware of the size of water meter the water company will put in to ensure proper water pressure and the necessary connections.
  Know your schedule and be ahead of the game planning out each step of the process (once your house gets started it will tend to go fast.)
  If you don't know a lot about the in depth details of building and site work, enjoy the ride, it's fun to learn this stuff and watch it applied to your own house.

Next post right after this with more progress to show and report on..........Matt

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