Saturday, October 16, 2010

A lot to catch up on #2

First floor front framing

House has two floors!

The whole family has their own building project

Taking shape and looking great, so excited!
As you can see, we went from the start of framing to a real looking house pretty quick.  Unlike site development, once we're to this stage, things seem to happen every day without us even knowing it.  The framing has gone off pretty darn smooth and we spent today cleaning up and enjoying being able to visualize our house, both internal and external.

I've already received a couple of comments from neighbors about how fast things are moving along, I think it's natural when you take some cement on a lot and turn it into home.......board by board and nail by nail.  Unlike some owners who are much better equipped to handle some site aspects, we relied on contractors and Adair to get us to this point.  So today was our first big day at the site, cleaning up, getting rid of extra wood, etc.  With the help of my father in law and a couple great neighbors, it was really easy.  We loaded up a trailer and my pickup, took it off to the wood recycling center while my wife and a neighbor did some sweeping and general clean up.  3 hours later, things are looking great.  I have visions of it being much harder, but as I stated before, if you plan it out and are ready for it, it wasn't bad at all.  Having a great, sunny fall day likely made it better, but still, it was actually kind of fun.  In addition, the kids had a blast playing in the dirt and using some of the scrap to build a bridge!

Talking with a neighbor today, it made me think about Adair and what a lot of customers tell us.  She mentioned it probably fun have some insight into the building of your house, and she's right.  We have customers tell us all the time how much they valued their limited involvement and how great it was looking back on the process.  I can say it with confidence at this point, I would definitely do it again.

More pictures and comments to follow, but that's enough for the night............Matt

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